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This page outlines our policy regarding the protection of users’ personal information (referred to as “you” or “users”) collected on this website ( The personal information collected on the website is used to improve our services and for website traffic statistics. By using the website, you implicitly agree to the terms of the policy and consent to the collection and use of your personal information by the site operator, in accordance with this policy on personal information protection.

Log Data

We are committed to safeguarding personal information through the implementation of the following policy for personal information protection, building a system for protecting personal information, and ensuring that all employees are fully informed about the importance of protecting personal information and handle users’ personal information properly.


A cookie is a small size data file that contains anonymous information. Whenever you visit a website, the website viewed sends a cookie to your browser. The cookie sent is saved in your computer's hard drive. It is possible for the user to decline cookies or set the time when cookies can be accepted through the use of appropriate browser settings. However, if you choose to decline cookies, some parts of this site may not be available to you.

Cookies are used on this site for the following purposes:

  • To keep a record when you click the OK (Accept) button on the confirmation page, etc., ensuring that you do not need to repeat the same confirmation many times.
  • This website utilizes analytics software (Google Analytics) to collect usage information of this website through cookies for the purpose of enhancing user convenience. For more details on how Google Analytics utilizes cookies, please click here. (…

Google Analytics

This website utilizes a JavaScript plug-in called Google Analytics which is provided by Google, Inc. for the purpose of collecting traffic statistics and analyzing data to enhance user convenience. We are unable to view the usage details of individual users collected by Google Analytics or direct access to user information. By utilizing Google Analytics, we can access user traffic statistics posted on Google’s dashboard and work towards improving the usability of this website.

Statistical information collected by Google Analytics may be provided to companies that wish to advertise on this site. The aforementioned statistical information does not include user's personal information. (Google company does not grant this website access rights to user’s personal information collected by Google Analytics, thereby we, as the operator of this site, have no access to view the personal information collected by Google Analytics.)

If you do not want to cooperate with the use of your data by Google Analytics, you can decline to do so. You can disable the use of your data by Google Analytics through downloading the Google Analytics opt-out add-on (provided by Google) and installing it in your browser.

Disabling it will not affect your use of this site. You can download it here. (

You can also decline to have your web browsing tracked with the Do Not Track header. If you’d like to do so, please turn on "Always send Do Not Track headers".

Information Collection

We may collect necessary information from users for the purpose of operating this site. Activities that require the completion of required information include, but are not limited to: filling out registration forms, entering applications, optional survey participation, contests, prizes, dividends, purchases, posting on bulletin boards, etc. Required information includes, but is not limited to: Name, age, address, email address, gender, date of birth, etc.

We reserve the right to passively collect information regarding the usage of this website (such as time spent on the site, pages viewed, the site from which users come to, the site to which users go after visiting, etc.). Additionally, we reserve the right to collect other information and to install cookies on users’ device.

We admit that users of this website to post their personal information through bulletin boards etc., but users do that at their own discretion and risk. We do not assume responsibility for any consequences arising from such postings.

When users contact us as operators of this site, or any of our employees or individuals involved, we reserve the right to store and use information related to such exchanges.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected on this site is used for record-keeping purposes, site management and operation, carrying out transactions requested by user themselves, and for marketing purposes. But only after obtaining prior consent from the target users when using for marketing purposes. Personal information collected on this site is kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party except our affiliates. User information may be provided to research firms for the purpose of analyzing market trends, but only be shared as statistics on user demographics, etc. We will not share any information to these firms unless they agree to a confidentiality agreement with us and commit to stringent internal data management.

Changes to Personal Information Protection Policy

This Personal Information Protection Policy is subject to change at our discretion. Notifications regarding changes to this policy will be posted on this website. Therefore, please check back on a regular basis, as the posted personal information policy on this site will be the newest and most effective version.

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